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1941 Plymouth Pickup

This is my fathers 1941 Plymouth Pickup.You don't see very many of these. His brother was given this truck by the original owner.

My uncle told me the story of how he aquired this truck.  The original owner was ready to purchase a new pick up and he asked my uncle if he would like this one and of course my uncle said yes, but he was going into the Navy at the time so he would have to wait to get it.

The original owner held onto it until my uncle was finally finished with being in the Navy.  The guy asked my uncle again if he would like.  My Uncle said he would.  The owner said you can pay me .00 or you can keep my lawn green for two weeks.  My uncle said sure he would give him the money and keep his lwan green and mowed too.  The owner said "No, I said you can pay me the money or keep my lawn green" "I don't want it mowed just green"  So my Uncle keep his lawn green and got the truck.  I thought that was a neat story and wanted to share it.

Then my dad bought it from him back in the early 80's.
The truck still runs, the original motor has been replaced but it is still has a flat head from an old 40's Dodge. My dad and I plan in the near future to restore it. It will be repainted orange with the black fender this was it's original color.

My uncle is who repainted it rootbeer brown, which it is the sme color today


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My fathers first car was a 1947 Dodge 4 door. My dad currently owns eight Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth vehicles. Some are classics and some are more current. He no longer has they 47' Dodge.

1970 Challenger
To the right is my mothers 1970 Challenger. She took a second place at the Murphy's fun run in Murphy's California.

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